Privacy Policy:


Thank you for connecting with Lead sync and choosing to use our service. We ensure you that our privacy policy will be easy to understand so that you will be informed as how your information.

The privacy policy and terms of service is an integral part of using our service, which means that you should completely agree to our policy in order to use our service. We are not entertaining people under 18 and so they are not applicable using our service.

Information Collected

Once you visit our website you won't be required to submit any information until you create an account over it. After creating an account, we may collect your name, email, address and country. When purchasing any of our services you will be required to submit information to our third party payment processors PayPal.

Use of Your Information

Illegal use of selling, transferring or sharing your information to a third party without your permission is not allowed. We may use your information on an agreement of:

  • Enhancing your user's experience.
  • Providing our services to you
  • Processing the transactions
  • To contact or to respond to your inquiries
  • Register to our account and use our services.
  • We may share your information to the law enforcement if there has been a violation of any US laws and we are compelled by a court order.

Accessing, Editing, and Removing Your Information

After creating an account, you can edit the information on our site by simply accessing to it; however, you won’t be able to delete the information from our site. If you wanted it to do so you need to contact us to remove the data from our database.

It may take some time to delete the information and hence cannot be done immediately. Some of the information will be removed at the time of request but will still be store in a web browser’s cache.

We take no responsibility for stored information in your cache or found in other devices.


We use cookies to save and remember your shopping and so you must enabled you browser to use our website and services.

Third Party Access to Your Information

When you agree to an agreement with Lead sync, it means that you are disclosing your information to us. We use third party individual and organizations to assist us like web hosts contractors etc. throughout the period you use our service we may delegate our authority to collect , use, access your information. Which means that you agreed that for every authorization you grant to us in this privacy policy, you also agree that for every party that we may contract to or hire for any purpose of maintenance, repairing or improving the website or our file servers?

Law Enforcement

You agree that we may disclose your information to authorities if compelled to by a court order. Additionally, you agree that we may disclose your information if we reasonably believe that you have violated a US law or the terms of our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy or if we believe that a third party is at risk of bodily harm.

Third Parties

Leads sync bears no responsibility for the information collected or used by any advertiser or third party website. You must review their Terms of Service and Privacy.

Security Measures

We take no guarantees to the security and privacy of your information however we use some security scanning to enhance the security of our website. We can recommend you to use anti-virus software, routine credit checks, firewalls and other precautions to protect yourself from any coming threats.

Age Compliance

We intend to fully obey the international laws respecting children’s privacy and therefore we do not collect any information of any person under age 18 and we do not even allow using any of our services.


We may have some amendment made in our privacy policy time to time and when we do so, we will update you about it via email or contacting you. You must agree to the amendments made on our site as you are currently using it. If you do not agree to it, you must cease your account or on website and notify us immediately.