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Lead ads are one of the trendiest ads recently introduced by Facebook that lets you connect leads by simply applying to their pre filled forms. The issue/ problem with these ads are that you can’t store them anywhere other than a simple CVS that Facebook lets you to download.

Leads organizer helps to connect your lead ads campaigns to email and CRM tool and lets you import them instantly all without downloading CSV files. With Leads organizer you can run you Lead Ads campaigns effectively and can instantly send you subscriber and opt-in offer without any manual work.

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We are here to take care of your leads. Our system is already working and sending every collected leads to your CRM instantly on real time as the lead drops on your Facebook ads.

And that’s not over we’ve got more. Through our two part process using the Facebook realtime update, each of your lead is stored before syncing it with your CRM so that you can never miss any of your leads.

Linked up with CSVs- Break the chain now!

Too much of your time is being wasted on importing and exporting leads all day, every day long.

With My Lead organizer you can work on real time by syncing all your details and get connected with your lead instantly. We really want you to focus to work on the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising strategies and let us work on the rest.

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Registered Users




List Monitored




  • Notifications from 2 Facebook form
  • From one Facebook Page
  • Unlimited Email Notifications
  • To One Email Address



  • Notifications from 10 Facebook forms
  • From up to 5 Facebook Pages
  • Unlimited Email Notifications
  • Send to up to 5 email addresses



  • Unlimited Lists
  • From Up to 25 Facebook Pages you Administer
  • With Unlimited Email Notifications
  • To Multiple Email Addresses
  • White Label: Send notifications from your agency email address

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do You Store My Leads Details?

Your facebook leads and their details are secured with us and hence we do not copy, store or save any of the information on our servers.

Can I Cancel My Account?

Once you have login you have the access to an admin interface that lets you activate and deactivate all the notifications whenever you want.

Can I Customize the Email Notification

If you want to send your client notification emails, we’ve made that already for you so that you can customize and send it to your client instantly.

Does Leads sync Pass all the Form Data?

Absolutely , when you add a new lead, you can trace the fields from your Facebook Lead form to the fields in your CRM or emails directly.

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